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      The company NSP conducts an action. LEARN EVERYTHING ABOUT YOUR HEALTH. You can test the state of your body's systems for free. To do this, you need to fill out the analytical test. This questionnaire, developed by specialists of the Institute of Nutrition of the Russian Federation of the Academy of Sciences, the International Association of Dieticians, as well as our nutritiologists at the Institute of Friendship of Peoples. The form will let you know everything about the state of Health.

Consists of 2 stages

1) answers on questions

2) dough handling

Our free online analysis is a simple test that takes only a few minutes and your results will be displayed in a matter of seconds. Follow the link, Fill in the first name, date, in the yellow column, answer those questions where you have the same problems. Opposite the questions put (x), then send please e-mail. or elena-nsp78 @ yandex-com We will process your test in the near future and send you. Always happy to help . Please! Take a regular lifestyle analysis, save them, compare them and see how they change.

The results may surprise you!..

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