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History of the company

noviy-ofice-nsp Nature's Sunshine Products, Inc. (NSP), a company in the United States, produces and sells biologically active food additives, cosmetics, household chemicals, etc. To promote the goods, the company uses direct sales and network marketing technologies with a multi-level compensation system.

1972 - Jean and Christine Hughes, founding the Hughes Development Company. The first product, the production, which they established in their own kitchen, is the biologically active supplement Capsicum (capsicum, placed in capsules).

1973 - Renamed the company to National Multi Corporation and started sales in retail stores.

1974 - The company moves to promote its products through direct sales and network marketing with a multi-level compensation system.

1976 - In November, 32,000-square-foot production areas were created in the Spanish Fork district of Provo, Utah. The company's name was changed to Amtec Industries (American Technologies). The first conference of managers was held in Las Vegas, Nevada.

1978 - Registration on the NASDAQ exchange and the first open sale of shares.

1981 - The name of the company changed on Natures Sunshine Products and the logo was presented.

1997 - The company was on the list of 200 best small companies of America by Forbes version 10 times.

1999 - Nature's Sunshine company registered its representative office in Russia and entered the market of CIS, Baltic and Transcaucasia countries.

2017 - The company celebrates its 45th anniversary.

Nature's Sunshine Products is a corporation headquartered in Lehi, Utah, USA. The company includes four business segments. Of these, three business segments operate under the NSP brand, and the fourth under the Synergy Worldwide brand.

NSP segments:

America (North and South);

Russia, Central and Eastern Europe;

China and new markets.