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Good day!  My name is Elena or Alena ChalyiGetten

noviy-ofice-nsp      A huge desire to bring the story of a person who miraculously survived after the accident that happened on September 19, 2005 in Ukraine, a bus with Belarusian tourists turned over. In it there were 36 passengers, 5 were lost, 12 were hospitalized in the 1 st city hospital in Melitopol. Among the enrolled was a young person, she was 27 years old. After discharge: numerous fractures, bruises, stress, against a predisposition to diabetes mellitus, other diseases, + overweight for a couple of days. According to the honey. Staff, it's easier to die. One of many acquired by the conclusion of doctors is "INFERTILITY". The life path was divided into two parts: before the tragedy and after.

     The medics claimed: What do you want, with this you will remain forever. "The torture lasted almost 2 years. But, she wanted to return to normal existence, began to look for a way out. Much has been tried, but all in vain! One acquaintance met on the way, is a partner of Our company, whose founder is heartily grateful. This is the great family of Hughes, who brought many back to life, set before us endless opportunities for self-realization. The girl listened attentively, believed. The decision to cooperate was taken in the subway for 3 minutes. intuitive 30.08.2010. She thanks the gentleman and herself that she just used the chance she had. It was me! The first of many results was very fast. THE SCIDING HEADACHES HAVE PROCEEDED. The next stage was. Restoration of the support mechanism. There was an Aspiration! Go to a full rhythm. ALL THROUGH THE ORGANISM WAS RESTORED. Then she decided to help people.

     They listened to her, they stretched to her, the soul rejoiced that there were those who needed it. And I CAN NOT BE SILENT ABOUT THAT, Our Old Daughter, very long-awaited was born on the 50th anniversary of Pope IT WAS the most desired gift of fate! Currently, I'm 39 years old, the mother of four wonderful children. We are extremely seldom sick, if it happens, we do without medication and antibiotics. From the shattered with a small hope of personality turned into a confident woman.

      I used to live in Belarus. Now I live in Germany. Because of insufficient knowledge of the language, there are inconveniences in communication, which led to the idea of creating a book in German as a reference for the transfer of material in the international space.God has no other hands than his own, he can not help himself, no one will! Dream, love, change your direction, and go forward to the goal, Act, everything must turn out! With a loved product we live for a long time. To date, Active, Cheerful We have Happiness, To be in the NSP. All our kiddies are born only with Our products. Today I'm boldly talking about that! My goal is to help you get what you want! WE MAKE THE HEALTHY, BEAUTIFUL, SUCCESSFUL, HAPPY WORLD AROUND! Already moving up the career ladder to financial freedom!

     Why is it Nature's Sunshine? It's very simple! Confidence in quality, received personally and close a lot of changes in health, in contrast to pharmacy products! Of course, it is cheaper to be engaged in prevention than to treat! The choice is yours! Have a Perspective Grab it! Success comes when the Readiness meets the Moment!


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With Love, to You My Dear!